About Brys

Brys Stephens is a Charleston, SC based cookbook author (The New Southern Table), and restaurateur (The Hub 30a, Little Jack’s Tavern, Melfi’s).

A longtime culinary aficionado and traveler, Brys grew up in Birmingham, Alabama, and spent two college semesters “studying” abroad while perfecting the art of eating, drinking, and doing his best to pick up French and Italian in caf├ęs and bars.

While studying law and business in graduate school, he specialized in cooking up countless dinner parties and wine tastings, and spent three summers working in the wine industry in Napa and North Carolina.

Before opening restaurants, Brys reviewed them as a restaurant critic for the Charleston City Paper, and also wrote for Food and Wine, Bon Appetit, and Garden and Gun. He has also tested and co-written a handful of cookbooks.

Brys serves on the board of an Alabama-based privately held corporation, and also of Growfood Carolina, a pioneering Charleston-based food hub.

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